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Letter: Rohloff is a good candidate

I am very pleased to give my endorsement to Jessica Rohloff as the Democratic candidate for the Minnesota House seat in District 17B. After many years of supporting DFL candidates at the local, state and national level, Jessica decided that the best way to actively promote important, progressive values and serve the citizens of the district would be as their elected representative. Having her in the Minnesota House would be a real gain for the state in general and the district in particular.

Jessica was raised and educated in this area and has lived in the region her entire life. She's part of the local community. She knows the people here very well and understands their concerns. The things that are important to the residents of this region -- economic growth, quality education, affordable health care, free and fair elections, individual freedom, and stewardship -- are the same things that are important to her.

Always striving to reach common ground on important issues, Jessica understands that our true strength as citizens of a great state comes from working together. That doesn't mean there won't be some differing views on priorities, or the best ways of reaching goals. There will be, as is always the case. What is needed to accomplish the work that must be done, and what Jessica can provide so well is a keen ability to find those elements of an issue upon which we can agree. Then, through cooperative effort and keeping our eyes on the goal, we build from there. That's how Minnesotans get things done. That's how Jessica Rohloff will get things done!

I encourage everyone to participate in the Aug. 14 primary and to vote for Jessica Rohloff as your representative to the Minnesota House from District 17B.

Tom Kleve