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Letter: Rohloff has right experience

Jessica Rohloff was raised with a farming background and with a mother who worked outside the home in order to feed and support her children's education. As a result, these fundamental values, along with her education (B.A. in human services from the University of Minnesota-Morris), have given her a deep understanding of the needs of rural Minnesota.

Her years as a VISTA AmeriCorps volunteer, along with being a Habitat for Humanity and Minnesota state VISTA committee member/trainer, show her commitment to persons with great needs. She also acted as program coordinator for the Harmony Visitation Center.

Jessica was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention (2008), 2010 Minnesota State DFL delegate and 2008 Minnesota State DFL delegate and Obama precinct captain.

Having been chosen by the Minnesota Coalition of Battered Women to testify before the Minnesota Judicial Supreme Court Task Force regarding the impact of domestic violence on custody and visitation arrangements, she is a strong supporter on women's health issues.

Jessica is a person of great integrity and experience and will be an outstanding representative of District 17B.

Roland Bosch