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Letter: Rohloff is 'one of us'

Jessica Rohloff is a breath of fresh air in a murky arena.

Jessica grew up in west central Minnesota and she possesses the qualities that we from this area value. We are phenomenal at working side by side with a positive attitude to improve what stands in front of us. Jessica volunteers for countless organizations and gives of her time to her family and community. Jessica will bring that work ethic and desire to infuse others with the same drive to the role of representative.

Jessica is a visionary and a thoughtful communicator. She can see what needs to be done beyond the blinders of the minute. And she will listen to all viewpoints, while discerning what is best for the whole state of Minnesota.

Jessica respects all world views and desires for all the residents that call the land of 10,000 lakes their home to have a voice in St. Paul. Whether you are a recent immigrant seeking a refuge and a new start, or if your family has a long-held heritage here, Jessica will remember that we all make up the fabric of Minnesota and will represent all of us in St. Paul.

Vote for Jessica in the Aug. 14 primary. She is one of us and will represent us well.

Megan Morrison, Atwater