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Letter: RR crossing is dangerous

I am writing this letter to inform the city of Willmar, the railroad, and pedestrians trying to use the railroad crossing of 10th St. N.W. by Perkins Lumber yard.

The crossing is very dangerous due to large spaces between the ties and where the tar meets. The sidewalk has huge gaps so your tires on strollers and small bikes become stuck.

I am living proof that it is dangerous. My son and I were walking to grandma's house and attempted to cross over the tracks and the stroller wheels became stuck in one of these ruts. It was so stuck I needed to remove my three year old from the stroller and fight to get the wheel out. I almost had to leave the stroller.

I have attempted to call the railroad, of course, no luck, and the city says it's the railroad and they have wanted it fixed with no luck.

So who is going to be the next lucky one getting stuck? A child on a small bike, a mother pushing a stroller, and gets hurt or so struck they can't get out.

Please do the right thing and fix this problem. It gets worse every year and now it is very dangerous.

Shannon Eckhoff