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Letter: Sad-looking cemetery in Spicer

It is the day after Memorial Day and the local cemeteries are decked out in flags and flowers. Those lovingly placed flowers, flags, and other trinkets are out to help remember our loved ones, but not in Spicer.

Today the city employees went through the Spicer City Cemetery and removed every item of remembrance and threw them away. There is a Dumpster that is full beyond the lid. I did notice a collection of pots along the side of the city building, brimming with flowers for loved ones. These pots should be on the graves, not along a building.

Alas, in Spicer you are not allowed to have any type of memorial on a loved one's grave. Thankfully, I don't have any family in this cemetery, but people I knew and admired are buried there. When I drove home from lunch, it was the saddest-looking place.

Other cemeteries still are proudly flying the flags and sporting beautiful color in pots. In Spicer, all you see are the markers. No color, no flags ... nothing. I am sure there will be families in shock at their things being thrown.

For some families it is the only time they are able to know their loved ones have flowers. No more. Spicer doesn't allow flowers. I bet that come Christmas, the few city employees of Spicer will not plod through the snow to remove the wreaths and such.

Oh, but remember, they don't have to mow either. Every other cemetery has to mow around the memorials, but in Spicer that is just too difficult. I wonder how many hours were spent today, by numerous employees, to remove the pots, flags and other items? I wonder how much the Dumpster costs?

What about the cost of the signs erected at every entrance? So if you are facing the decision of where to lay your loved one, think hard about what you can and cannot do in the cemetery. In the case of Spicer, the flowers you put on the graves after the funeral will be the last your loved one will be able to have.

Leah Fernelius