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Letter: Save us from religious tyranny

Archbishop John Nienstedt, who led the crusade against same-sex marriage and equality for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered, using thousands of Catholic dollars to keep those people as second-class citizens, is now full throttle in support of immigration, writing passionate letters to the editor advocating the most lenient measures for aliens of all types to gain permanent admission to the U.S. with no hassle to delay full-class citizenship.

Could this have anything to do, do you suppose, with the gaining of thousands — perhaps millions — of votes by foreign Catholic Hispanics for our electorate to advance his other chief interests in ending Planned Parenthood, abortion and the use of contraceptives for population control? Just a thought.

No, this man of God would never be so deviously inclined. It is simple justice and compassion that is now motivating his behavior, apparently, that was seriously lacking in his former fiery campaign against all deviants from Catholic sexual dogma.

As was once the system in Europe where church and state were in league with each other, he feels along with Protestant fundamentalists and the Republican Party that the U.S. should abandon completely separation of church and state for our secular society that has worked so wonderfully well since our Founding Fathers instituted such laws to protect all citizens in the Bill of Rights.

This protection from the European practice of making use of the state to enforce religious practices of certain fiercely conformist denominations has been bedrock to our freedom for and from religion ever since. Our Congress is strictly forbidden to make any laws to promote or forbid any religious practices. Apparently this means nothing to the good Archbishop as a clergyman primarily concerned with advancing his own religious convictions and the hierarchy of his church.

Whenever the state and church get in bed together, there is bound to be oppression and repression in the offing. God save us from such tyranny ever again! Freedom of conscience is our greatest heritage as American citizens and it must be protected at all costs from those who would undermine it from within or without.

Lee Paulson