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Letter: Saved from more taxes!

Rep. Urdahl, I guess you do represent us after all. Gov. Dayton compromised with a proposed income tax increase on those making more than a million dollars per year, which leaves us out!

Thanks to you and your leaders who prefer fees on cigarettes, which we don't buy, and increasing gambling, which we don't participate in, we can again avoid paying for Minnesota's needs.

The funny thing is that we are willing to pay. We understand that for Minnesotans to have better roads and bridges, schools of equal opportunity -- whether wealthy urban or poorer rural districts -- and social and health care services for those of need, we have to pay taxes.

We just assumed everyone would carry the tax load equally. But, you have saved us higher-income citizens from that responsibility, and I guess we should thank you. You should continue to collect your regular paycheck, as you told the West Central Tribune you would. You earned it!

Sharon Detert