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Letter: Saving souls for eternity

On Oct. 22, Congress passed a hate crimes bill which President Obama signed into law a couple days later. This was done mainly to placate his supporters from the far left.

This bill will supposedly give greater protection to the homosexual person. But will it really be able to do that? I fear not. Those ones who desire to do bodily harm or harm in any other way to the homosexual will not be deterred, any more than a special hate crimes bill to protect heterosexuals would change the status quo in regard to crimes against heterosexuals.

On the contrary, with the passing of this bill, the perpetrators may be even more encouraged to commit crimes against gays. At the same time, this new bill puts restrictions on our freedom of speech and puts in peril those ones who, unlike the Obama administration and others of like mind, actually care about and truly have compassion for the homosexual. After all, what is more compassionate, to see a person's house on fire and to say: "Oh well, that person was born to burn. He can't help it and there is nothing I can do for him," or warn that person of the danger that he is in and encourage him to change his behavior from staying in that burning house to exiting it quickly and safely?

There is also the issue of a man's soul and eternity. When we care about where a man ends up in eternity, that is when we care the most. After all, life is short, eternity isn't.

Victor Young