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Letter: Sawatzky backs our needs

A recent letter in support of Rep. Vogel touted his candidacy for health care. In actuality, of all the reasons you might support him, health care would be the last. The very last.

He has openly advocated for an end to the Department of Human Services, which provides Medicaid to our poorest citizens, nursing care to our elderly or Minnesota Care insurance to thousands of Minnesota families who would otherwise go uninsured.

If you are fortunate enough to have Minnesota Care, you should not vote for Rep. Vogel. He tells us that medical treatment for the poor or seniors is the job of churches. Really? Most churches have difficulty raising funds for a leaky roof and now he proposes they would accept responsibility for covering one's open heart surgery or chemotherapy or lumbar fusion?

He and his caucus refused to increase taxes on folks making more than a million dollars per year; yet were perfectly willing to limit health care to our state's poorest citizens or nursing care to seniors. Such is breathtakingly bad and cruel legislating.

Vogel supports the so-called Ryan Budget, which would end Medicare in favor of a voucher system. Apparently, he finds nothing disquieting about our elderly citizens needing to shop for insurance coverage that will cost each person thousands and thousands, if they are even insurable.

He wants to do away with the Affordable Health Care Act, and those provisions which make Medicare more affordable for our citizens, like closing the doughnut hole. This would also mean that those of us with pre-existing conditions may not be able to find coverage. Our college-age children and young adults would have to find their own coverage prior to age 26, rather than stay on their parents' plan.

The very poor will continue to go to the emergency room for care, which would be far more expensive than preventable care. What meaningful plan does Vogel have for those families? The answer and reality is as simple as it is irresponsible: none.

Health care is one of many reasons I support Mary Sawatzky for our representative. She is pragmatic, approachable, collaborative and independent enough to support our district's needs versus a party caucus.

Rod Hanson