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Letter: Sawatzky gets it done

We have worked over 25 years in the special education department at Willmar Middle School with Mary Sawatzky. Working alongside her has given us a clear picture of who she is.

She consistently goes the "extra mile" in everything she does, whether it be lesson plans, paper work, organizing fund raisers, or making sure students and families get the right services.

When she decides to do something, Mary sticks with it. This is evidenced in her decision at an early age to dedicate her teaching career to students with special needs.

She wants what is right for schools and communities. If she is elected to represent District 17B, you could count on her to be the first to reach out to people in need.

Many of us at Willmar Middle School have been the recipient of her kind and generous giving. Mary's enthusiasm, energy, and ambition are hard to match. A staff member once called her "everyone's cheerleader."

Mary makes any place she is in a better one and would serve our community as a strong and competent leader. She deserves our vote!

Lori Vadnais, Murdock

Wendy Nelsen, Willmar