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Letter: Sawatzky is ideal candidate

Mary Sawatzky is the ideal Democratic candidate for the Minnesota House seat in District 17B. She has a strong dedication to our community, which she has demonstrated through her involvement for many years.

Mary has a spirit which is positive and upbeat, looking for solutions, willing to learn and collaborate with others. Her personality is one of true passion for the people of Minnesota and our local area, with a determination to get the information she needs to make the right decisions.

Many of you have probably met Mary, going door to door, eager to meet her future constituents. She is an excellent listener and is getting as much information from everyone she meets in order to understand how to best meet the needs of those in District 17B.

Vote for Mary Sawatzky in the Aug. 14 primary. This is your chance to work toward collaboration in government, not stalemates and shutdowns. Help Mary move Minnesota forward toward solutions. Vote on Aug. 14!

Mary Rhude