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Letter: Sawatzky is misrepresented

As a senior citizen of Willmar I am dismayed by Bruce Vogel's supporters misrepresentation of Mary Sawatzky. They have used lies about her school contract and the negotiated contract. In the latest flier, funny pictures were drawn of her.

She has taught special needs children in our schools for 25 years. She has organized VFW baseball for years and the state baseball tournament in Willmar in 2009. She has led Relay for Life and been an active member of St. Mary's church.

Mr. Vogel felt it proper to use money from school districts intended to help children, instead of raising fair and needed taxes on the rich and then he takes credit for a balanced budget.

I see Mary as a positive, energetic and strong voice for our district. She deserves our vote. Mr. Vogel does not.

Fran Hendershott