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Letter: Sawatzky - The teacher we know

A few days ago, we went to our mailboxes and found a postcard from a St. Paul group claiming one of our teachers was bad for schools and our kids.

We recognized the photo on the card, but the words didn't describe the Mary Sawatzky that we know.

We know that Mary Sawatzky is a wife and mother. She has taught special education in the Willmar schools for more than 27 years.

We also know that she has helped more kids, with more problems, than we can ever count. Now some special interest group is smearing her because she didn't agree with somebody's notions for changing our schools.

There's one thing that we don't know, though. It's why a decent person like Mary would run for office when out-of-town groups can pump out lies like we just read.

Mary says she is running for the Minnesota House because our politics have gotten too nasty and special interests have become too powerful. She's right. A few days ago, the evidence was in our mailboxes.

Jody Loseth


Cathy Halbritter