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Letter: Sawatzky's leadership skills

Mary Sawatzky is and has been an excellent leader for the Willmar teachers during her entire career.

She started as a building representative for Education Minnesota-Willmar and worked her way up to be elected by her peers as the local president. As past union president, Mary worked hard to organize the Willmar Public Schools staff to support the last school levy referendum. She brought new ideas to motivate staff and voters. She worked tirelessly during the entire process from planning to the post-election.

Mary plays fair. She communicates well with others. She shares ideas. Mary is willing to listen to all sides of an issue, without making judgments. Sawatzky is open to new ideas and is a hard worker. Mary follows up on situations until they are resolved!

As past union president Mary has shown the leadership capability that she will use in St. Paul. During the last round of negotiations Mary's capacity was to observe and learn the process. The five negotiators were the members selected to directly talk at the table with the School Board. During the entire process Mary respected her role as an observer. The negotiators were the voice of the teachers.

Anyone who has ever worked with Mary knows that she has endless energy. Her attitude and personality is one of a person who gets things accomplished. Whatever the cause, she will show the leadership necessary to "get it done".

Mary will continue to represent not only teachers but the voters of District 17B. We need her leadership now.

Sue Thell, Cindi Kroona, Tammy Knapper, Kim Oehrlein, Willmar

Melissa Dunlavy, Spicer