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Letter: Sawatzky's own history

Having known Mary Sawatzky's parents, William "Butch" and Dory Richter of Granite Falls, for many years, I can understand Mary's desire to be our leader for District 17B.

Butch Richter was a highly successful businessman with tremendous work ethic and proven leadership skills, evident of his managing the local baseball team, volunteering in many community functions and serving on the City Council. Dory Richter was a stay-at-home mom who taught her children the importance of family, church, and what hard work can achieve. I feel Mary definitely inherited these same qualities.

Mary has shown great leadership skills, has a driving work ethic, demonstrates fairness, is compassionate, and has a willingness to listen.

Knowing what Butch and Dory gave to their community, I feel Mary will do the same for our community. Please vote for Mary Sawatzky. She is the representative we need.

Michael H. Johnson