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Letter: Sawatzky's zebra mussel plan

We are a state which prides itself on protecting our natural resources, including our lakes and rivers. The 900,000 licensed watercraft in Minnesota speak to the fact that our citizens enjoy our public waters. Kandiyohi County's privately-owned lake cabins and residences contribute millions of dollars in property taxes to pay for school, police, and fire departments, public parks, roads, etc.

Our public waters in Kandiyohi County are now at risk of becoming infested with zebra mussels, which are known to degrade water quality. Many lakes in our area are already infested and it is feared that this pest, which is near as Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood, will soon take over our lakes unless a major effort to control their spread is undertaken.

Fortunately, as voters, we can elect a great community leader, Mary Sawatzky, to be our state representative on Nov. 6. In speaking with her, I learned that she has studied what must be done and that she has an affordable plan, which could be implemented by the spring of 2013 and will give our lakes the protection they deserve. Working together, we can have pristine lakes, which our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy.

Terry W. Frazee