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Letter: Say no to immigration

On March 26 your paper presented a front-page article bringing attention to the corporate-sponsored amnesty rally in Washington, D.C. It suggests that support of those who break the laws of this nation is a worthy cause.

The real issue is whether the United States will continue to be a sovereign nation or collapse in economic chaos brought about by overpopulation. The bleeding hearts of this nation ignore that we have lost four million jobs in two years.

Unemployment is the highest in occupations with a large influx of new immigrants. The ruling corporations have convinced the radical left the U.S. can serve as a welfare state for the entire world while maintaining a flow of legal immigration to provide a new form of legal slave labor for the giant food production companies.

The corporate-controlled Immigration and Naturalization Service allows entry of 125,000 new immigrants every month. The archaic birthright attachment to the 14th Amendment attracts 400,000 new mothers across the border each year to give U.S. citizenship to their babies.

American industry established the H-1B program allowing the importation of 65,000 highly skilled workers each year. Companies like Microsoft don't even have to advertise jobs to American workers before importing foreign technicians.

Then we have the left-wing visa lottery which allows 50,000 new residents per year, no questions asked entry point for terrorists, criminals, etc. In addition, family chain migration is allowing over 1 million entries per year.

Write your senators, say no to amnesty and urge shutting down all immigration -- legal and illegal. We can never stabilize the budget and the economy until we stabilize the population.

Norman Tempel