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Letter: Send Dave Baker to St. Paul

As I drive through town, I can’t help but notice the “Dave Baker for State Rep” signs scattered throughout our community and am delighted by the growing support for Dave. Having known Dave almost since he moved to town, I could not recommend a better leader to represent our district.

Dave is also a small-business owner who knows how to create and provide private-sector jobs that grow our economy which creates more revenue for the state and for families. He is genuinely concerned about how our current state elected officials are draining our economy of private-sector businesses that supply the jobs and income we need to reinvest in important areas such as education and transportation.

He has given generously to the community through his businesses that provide jobs to our community, through local projects such as fundraising for iPads for students and the park he helped build in Spicer. His service on local boards such as the Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Utilities Commission proves his commitment to our community. Dave gets stuff done.

He is a smart and compassionate leader who has the experience and skills our state needs to ensure a strong economic future for Minnesota. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to elect him this fall and I hope you will join me in sending Dave Baker to St. Paul.

Russ Bennett