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Letter: Sensible gun regulations

Sensible gun regulations

A little girl once said, “I don’t like to think about the things I don’t like to think about.” Apparently Americans don’t like to think about the Newtown murderer and that within less than five minutes he could break into the school, fire 153 bullets, kill 26 people and with the 154th bullet kill himself. We shrug our shoulders and say, “Second Amendment.”

However, no amendment is absolute. The First Amendment guarantees our freedom of speech — but don’t publish child pornography or libel someone!

One of the most conservative justices, Antonin Scalia, established limits in the Heller case. People may have guns for self-defense not dependent upon the militia, but we can regulate such elements as previous history of felony convictions or mental instability. Another consideration was where the weapon could be used.

Sensible regulations would include a universal background check. Opponents argue that it is ineffective, invades privacy, and takes too much time. Mark Kelly has made several purchases and timed the length of the check as slightly over five minutes. That’s a few seconds longer than the Newtown murders! Lack of privacy from people who legislate unnecessary medical procedures!

Magazines should be limited to 10 bullets. The 9-year-old girl killed in Tucson was killed with the twelfth bullet in that clip.

Presently straw purchases (gun trafficking) is a misdemeanor. It should be made a felony with a stiff prison sentence. U.S. attorneys don’t like to prosecute misdemeanors which are one of the reasons that straw purchasers had so many guns to send to Mexican cartels. That’s how the recently released felon got the gun used in the killing of the Colorado prison head. Remember the killing of the firemen in New York? A friend bought the gun for the killer who could not pass a background check.

Gun manufacturers have successfully carried on a marketing strategy to sell lots of guns but sensible regulations can keep guns from murderers and permit other law-abiding citizens to go the mall, the movies, houses of worship or to work in safety.

Your rights end where mine begin!

Barbara M. Edwards