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Letter: A shaky future for America?

In my opinion, if we don't change the way we do business, America will soon be facing the same problems that our European and Arab neighbors are experiencing. Politicians constantly harp on the size of our national debt, which undoubtedly is a huge factor.

However, in my opinion, widespread fraud in the Medicare and Medicaid system, welfare fraud, and the huge costs that are associated with the states being forced to accommodate illegal immigrants are all huge factors.

I admire Gov. Christie, the newly elected governor of New Jersey. If he were president, the politicians in Washington would be, to borrow an old phrase, "getting their heads screwed on straight." His premise is simple. His objectives are to restore fiscal sanity, get a handle on the health care system and lower the cost of education, and follow that up by insisting that our students get a better education. He has publicly stated that our country's problems aren't as political as they are important.

Gov. Malloy, a Democrat from Connecticut, reportedly told the New York Times on Tuesday, in reference to Gov. Christie, "Being bombastic for the sake of being bombastic has never been my take on the world." In my opinion, remarks such as his demonstrate a complete lack of understanding!

Christie responded with this statement: "If we don't correct our problems in a timely manner, America's future will be teetering on the brink of disaster." President Obama also added fuel to the fire by suggesting that 80 percent of our energy come from a clean energy source by 2035. He referred to it as his "Sputnik moment." In my opinion, I think 80 percent is a totally unrealistic projection, and unattainable under the best of conditions!

In closing, we also have to be more selective about who is receiving foreign aid. Recently, a despot was allowed to leave Egypt -- as I understand, basically unchallenged, with $70 billion. One can't help but wonder how much of that fortune consisted of aid payments? Has the time also come to tighten the eligibility requirements for receiving foreign aid?

Norm Baker