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Letter: Shame on anonymous writer

Today I have had a new experience. I received an anonymous letter. I tell all of you this freely because it is not shameful to receive an anonymous letter; the only shame involved is in writing one. The letter was from someone with whom I attend church. People like Pastor Norman Olsen would never stoop to such a thing. He and I have carried on a lively written discussion about recent ELCA decisions. We have differing opinions about which we are serious. He and I are not anonymous.

Think of St. Peter and his rash, outspoken allegiance to Jesus. Think of St. Paul without whom we Gentiles may never have been included in this great invitation to approach God as saved Christians. They did not always agree, but they were not anonymous.

Family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are allowed to disagree with respect. People who hold carefully considered and studied opinions do not write anonymous letters.

Darlene Martinson Ross