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Letter: Shame on school officials

“Obscene” is described in Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition as “… abhorrent to morality or virtue… repulsive by reason of crass disregard of moral or ethical principals…”

What Maddie Stenglien saw in the Willmar Senior High School last Wednesday, (story in West Central Tribune Weekend, Feb. 15, “Willmar student saw another’s lunch taken away, bought it for him”) was obscene.

We pay our administrators (both school and city and county) a fortune in salary and in pension benefits and yet we cannot figure out a way to keep our poorest students from going hungry or embarrassing them in our school lunch lines. Shame on you, you who masquerade as adults when you are just overgrown children.

I went to Lafayette School for seven years (no busing) and school lunches for all (no student was ever embarrassed by having his lunch tray pulled away at Lafayette!). We have destroyed our neighborhood schools be selling them off, one by one, and putting our younger students in a great big school (and they call this progress!).

If you are far enough down on the totem pole, you are fair game for anyone (witness the firing of Marilee Dorn, who along with Julie Asmus has saved the city of Willmar thousands of dollars by keeping young people off of drugs).

Recently a snow emergency was declared by the Willmar police at 11 p.m. one night downtown. I was lucky to be in my office, so they had the courtesy to knock on my door and tell me to move my car in five minutes or it would be towed (the tow truck driver also called me). Others were not so lucky and had their cars towed to the tune of I believe it was $115.

We apparently are going to have to take back our city and school board, as officialdom is not going to do this for us!

Thank you again to Maddie Stenglein for exposing how things really operate in the Willmar school system. And as to the boy with the “stolen” lunch: Just remember, you are dealing with a bunch of moral midgets in our school system. Chin up!

George Hulstrand Jr. Willmar