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Letter: Should NL-S compete for buses?

Should the school compete with local private business?

This is a question we should be asking ourselves. It has been said that the New London-Spicer School District is considering owning and operating their own school buses.

Why, when there is a private, locally owned, taxpaying business already providing this service in our community? If the school builds buildings for storing buses on the school's property to either use them to store and run their own buses or lease them to the new service provider -- this becomes a tax-exempt entity and endangers a local business providing the same service. It adds nothing to our tax base and potentially causes a loss in tax base.

What happens in two years when the new contract is up? Will the rates increase even higher than all of the bids submitted? This has happened in other communities and then the local provider is gone and the school is in a worse position than before.

Stop paying a consultant to make things more complicated and start focusing on our community and our students. Our community generously voted for the school's proposed levy increase -- we voted to raise our property taxes to help our school district. We did this out of the care and concern we have for our community and its members.

Where is the care and concern for the wellbeing of our community and its members from the School Board? The economic impact of this contract decision could have very dire consequences for our community. These are our tax dollars -- please keep them local and don't use our tax dollars to compete with one of our privately owned businesses.