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Letter: Show Peterson out

In the Seventh Congressional District we expect that our Congressman is going to be above the normal political tomfoolery. Unfortunately, our current Congressman, Collin Peterson, has fallen short in his last term. He has resorted to smoke-and-mirrors politics to ensure that he is re-elected, and the honest good ol' boy that he portrays is simply part of the act to fool the voters one more time.

Take as evidence the cap and trade bill. He voted for it, but then stated that he only did so thinking that it would fail. Never mind the fact that this bill has the potential to be devastating to business (including agriculture). His attempt to play both sides of the issue is ridiculous. He made his vote, he should defend it, not play games.

The infamous health care bill was another great example of Peterson's attempt to pander to be sides of the issue. He voted no (rightfully so in my opinion), but less than three days later issued statements about how he supported the legislation. Once again, rather than defend his vote, he flip-flops with no real conviction.

There comes a time when an elected official has to be shown the door. When getting elected becomes more important than their integrity, and their responsibility to honestly represent their constituents only matters during election years, it's time to make a change. Collin Peterson has reached that point. I think he is a little too comfortable in that Washington, D.C., office and he has forgotten who he works for. On Nov. 2, let's remind him.

Joshua Berg