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Letter: Show yourselves, city critics

I don’t live in the city of Willmar, and I am not a part of Mayor Frank Yanish’s so-called Secret 8 group.

But I can’t help wondering who these mayor’s attackers and sidetrackers are, and what good they can accomplish by all their negative headlines?

They remind me of a bunch of youthful, misguided, problem-causing demonstrators at a social or civic event.

I know something of Frank Yanish.

I know him to be an honest, mild-mannered person with good intentions and no mean traits.

So, I ask you directly: Who are you people?

What are you trying to do?

What are your goals for the city?

Don’t you want efficiency and frugality with the taxpayers’ money?

Why are you subverting, and not supporting, the mayor in his efforts?

Just who are you, and what are your goals?

Errol Bluhm