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Letter: Slavery is alive and well

Freedom -- to better understand this word one must ask what is the opposite of freedom? To put it into context it is slavery. You say we don't have slavery here, but we do. Consider for a moment that you if you hire someone to do a job for you and you pay less that a living wage, then you engage in slavery. When others have to give to make up the difference, the welfare department for instance gets most of their resources from the middle class, then it seems to me that they are the enslaved ones.

That is only one way that slavery is alive and doing well.

Equality -- the only way to create equality is by having a total death tax. It would be the only tax. It would provide money enough to operate this country. It would soon pay off our national debt. It would also create opportunity. This is supposed to be the land of opportunity. Favors granted to none. A very good idea, but favors is the way business is done in Washington today, just as it was done in Israel two thousand years ago. It is not surprising that this is sometimes referred to as the great white whore.

Justice for All -- another good idea. Our justice department could be improved upon. Maybe even a lot. It doesn't seem to pay any attention to this basic constitution that most people believe we have.

This constitution may seem too simple to many, even childish perhaps. But if this is supposed to be a government by the people, and for the people, it has to be simple and easy to understand.

These are the things that intervention are made of. It will cure what ails this country and make it strong again.

It is my mission to inform you that this is our true constitution.

In conclusion, this is about the second coming. It will take another protest, just like the protest in Israel two thousand years ago.

Richard Brower

Lake Lillian