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Letter: A sleepless night, and response

After spending a sleepless night last night, I feel compelled to respond to Peggy Karsten's Public Forum letter found in the Monday edition of the West Central Tribune.

Ms. Karsten writes, "My last divorce set me back $30,000, and he is dead, so I will never get the money he was supposed to pay according to the divorce decree." She is writing about my husband who died on Aug. 9, 2012, after a long, agonizing battle with spinocerebellar ataxia. He's been gone 61 days. His family and his friends are still in the beginning stages of grief.

Ms. Karsten and my husband's marriage ended almost two decades ago. I dug out their divorce decree this morning. There is no mention of $30,000 she states is owed to her. Trying to prove a political point at the expense of a dead man and his grieving family is not something I expect out of a Ridgewater College professor or any decent person for that matter.

I don't expect an apology from Ms. Karsten. I would suggest, however, that Ms. Karsten send a memorial to Renville County Hospice in remembrance of Donald Gene Borden. He's the one who deserves an apology. Thank you in advance.

Karen Borden