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Letter: Socking it to the underclasses

It was once said by Republican leaders that what is good for business is good for America! Under Romney and crew, however, I think the statement must be modified to say: What's good for big business is good for executive salaries and really bad news for all employees and the middle class.

As salaries continue to soar for top company officials once again and workers' wages continue to stagnate, we are living in an entirely different business climate from the early 1920s and the Jazz Age. The Great Depression was proof enough that FDR and the Democrats had to come to the rescue.

Romney's suggestion that the way to huge profits for companies is to fire workers wholesale has not worked to date to any advantages for the homeless and the jobless. Cutting taxes for the rich that began with the policies of George W. Bush have not proven his theory that the rich will invest their accumulated wealth in renewed hiring practices, tout it as he does to an unbelieving nation.

Still, he continues to exhibit undiminished enthusiasm for his failed policies despite all evidence to the contrary, and this includes his time as governor of Massachusetts when that state drastically slashed its budget, even as the state slid to the bottom of the barrel unemployment-wise.

In other words, balance the budget by socking it to the underclasses and pacify the obscenely rich. Anyone who buys his phony rhetoric is open for an option to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Lee Paulson