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Letter: Some advice for city leaders

We have a great city in Willmar!

The people and business community of Willmar have worked together to grow our community to where it is today. We are not done. We need to continue our work on economic development and job creation diligently. We need positive leadership in our local government to continue our growth as a community.

By working together as a community in a positive, collaborative, and creative manner, we have created a community that is a great place to work, raise a family, and enjoy our leisure time.

Working together we have:

n Supported the development of the MinnWest Technology Campus.

n Developed a new industrial park, ready to attract and expand business and new jobs.

* Built the YMCA, Dorothy Olson Aquatic Center, Bill Taunton Stadium, and walking paths

* Built a new library, airport and wastewater treatment plant.

* Many smaller initiatives that have enhanced our community and quality of life

We need to continue to be a friendly, progressive, regional community that is focused on economic growth and a perception that this is a great place to work and play.

So I am asking the Willmar Mayor and the City Council to consider the following:

1. Adopt Robert's Rules of order so council meetings are conducted in a professional manner.

2. Hire an outside firm to help make recommendations on possible future city department reorganization and collaborative partnerships.

3. Honor the role of the City Council to establish policy and let the city employees implement the policies and manage their departments.

4. Be respectful of differences of opinion.

Bob Dols