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Letter: Sonshine is rewarding event

In a recent letter to the editor, the writer seems to condemn the Sonshine Festival based on the report of a couple individuals and "rock" music. Sonshine attracts approximately 20,000 people to the weekend event. Condemning an event based on the actions of a couple participants does not make sense.

Since I first became aware of Sonshine six years ago, I have heard all the rumors and innuendo. But after attending the festival, walking the grounds, observing and speaking with participants, I find the rumors to be unfounded and untrue.

The second item the writer names is that the music is "rock". Throughout history many forms of faith have been condemned by people who don't agree with a different form of religious expression than what they practice. Whether or not you like the music, one fact can't be denied. A large percentage of participants in Sonshine find it to be a rewarding religious experience. Watching thousands of young adults pray together is an experience to make all Christians proud. Don't condemn someone else's expression of faith merely because it is different than yours and don't condemn an event because of the actions of a few.

David L. Becker