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Letter: Sonshine was phenomenal

Just writing to commend the city of Willmar for the phenomenal job in hosting the Sonshine Christian rock fest this, and every year!

Even in the face of many challenges, last year the mud, this year the oppressive heat, the fest goes on as smooth as clockwork. The facilities in Willmar are top-notch! What amazing foresight to set down the high school, civic center, etc., on such a large tract of land on the outskirts of town, making such a large event possible.

Also, participation of the police, EMS, and firefighters make taking youth or elderly to the event feel safe and secure. Also, all of the volunteers are amazing!

My group including four "preens" and teens just loved the whole weekend but particularly the firehose water wars!

I hope everyone takes a minute to thank all of the individuals, groups and sponsors who make this event absolutely awesome! I already have tickets and vacation plans for Sonshine 2013!

Barbara Rude

Stockholm, S.D.