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Letter: Sowing the seeds of change

Having worked and lived in Willmar for three years, I must recognize the existence of diversity in Willmar. I have attended the community informational meeting on "Understanding The Somali Culture" on Jan. 12 and I really liked how it went.

Although the meeting was focusing more on the Somali culture, you could not rule out elements of cultural similarities since we all have more similarities than differences. The panel were really focused on their areas of presentations and they actually did a great job of delivery; congrats, gents and ladies!

What impressed me most was the huge turnout -- was this so because of the speakers we were expecting? Certainly not, in my opinion. The turnout speaks for itself as I think from my perspective that the minds of a very welcoming Willmar neighborhood that accepts diversity positively more than anything else, felt that it would give them some sort of understanding from the Somali culture.

It's only when such great minds and hearts sit together and amongst them exchange cultural similarities and differences would we really move towards developing our beautiful city of Willmar.

I once again thank the organizers, the panel of speakers, the members of the community that attended and others who wanted to attend but could not make it. I hope it makes change in our life. Thanks, all. Viva Willmar!

Abdullahi Olow

School Success Coordinator

Willmar Middle School.