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Letter: Spending Atwater city funds

Atwater residents, we have unprecedented economic times facing us. I do not believe anyone has the answer to how long and deep this hole we are in is going to be. So why would we want to spend our city funds and more on a new building at this time? What other future projects does the city want?

If we spend city money on this, then how do we fund future needs -- by higher property taxes? If the city does renovate the Atwater Inn, what is the real cost to us? I am glad to hear that a committee is being formed to look into this and I hope that when all the facts are in, we all will decide by voting on this if want to move forward and do not just leave it up to the City Council.

Do we have to complete the project first before we get the money? If funds dry up on either side and we cannot finish the project, do we have to pay back all the funds we received if building is not completed to the historical standards? The last estimate was between $1.1 million and $1.6 million; how can we justify that cost? Would a new building accommodate all city needs?

What about the city-owned medical building? If we cannot find a doctor, could we not use part of it and still have the dentist office in there too? What would it cost to remodel and/or add on to the depot to fit our needs? One complaint is that the present site is too small for council meetings. Let's just reserve the community center for council meetings; that costs nothing.

I hope we all take a good hard look at what we want to do and to look at all the options. Citizens of Atwater, we need to hear all of your voices. Attend the council and special meetings coming up and voice your opinion either way and let's hope we all make the final decision.