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Letter: Still noisy in the quiet zone



I don’t understand why the “quiet zone” on 16th Street and Trott Avenue Southwest can’t be quiet.

It’s been at least six months since the railroad crossing has been done and the trains still blow their horns on that crossing. I have seen the Quiet Zone signs, signs saying “no train horns” and have sat by that crossing two different times for three hours to check on the trains. I also have gone down to the railroad and talked to the yardmaster about this problem.

It seems that our city people don’t care about the taxpayers living in the noise area.

Put yourselves in that area and see how you like being lied to after you say something about this issue. It has been brought to their attention (the city) more than once and still those whose job is to take care of this issue just will not do anything about it.

It is pretty sad when those city officials live out of town and do not have to hear those horns and just forget about those taxpayers’ sleepless nights, etc., in that area! I was once told by a certain city official that I was hearing the trains uptown at those crossings — wrong! I live three blocks from the Trott crossing and I know what I hear and can see the trains.

To that city official: Don’t tell me what I hear. Just do your job and get it done. Also give an apology to those people on the west side of Willmar!

Bob Skor