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Letter: Stimulus made a difference

Remember when one political party said the bailouts weren't working and that not one new job had been created by the government support of the U.S. economy? Well, guess what: Chrysler just paid back their loans in full, with interest. And General Motors has paid most back and is re-emerging as an auto industry leader. The automobile industry was saved and millions of jobs were saved with it.

People are realizing the public expenditures helped stabilize many sectors, including the educational systems across the country. Jobs were preserved and supported, and those jobs preserved and helped create work for many others in their local communities by supporting consumer demand.

As the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds are ending this year, many teaching positions and other jobs are now threatened. The truth is, one party was right and one was wrong. Unfortunately, the party in the wrong currently controls the Minnesota Legislature. Let's support Governor Dayton, who is trying to do what is right.

Steve Marquardt

Lake Lillian