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Letter: Stop the anti-bullying bill

I am against bullying as much as the next person. However HF 826 is a bill that violates children. It does this by intrusive legislation and morally offensive curriculum.

Our schools already have a policy in place to deal with bullying. This bill repeals current law which allows each district to decide the content of its own anti-bullying policies. We do not need to put more pressure on our teachers because of a massive new bureaucracy.

HF 826 allows children who are accused of bullying to be disciplined without their parents being notified. It redefines bullying as anything unwelcomed. What if a child is falsely accused?

Please do not be fooled by the title of this bill. Please look up more information about this bill at And please call your Minnesota legislators, superintendent, and school board members to let them know that you oppose this bill.

Let us stop this bill that will violate every child and family and change our society for ever.

Jackie Cain