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Letter: Stop the Keystone Pipeline

TransCanada Oil Corp. mines the tar sands of Canada and should be required to build their own refineries and route their pipeline west to the Pacific Ocean at Vancouver or east to the St. Lawrence Atlantic seaway in Quebec. If the pipe ruptures, it will spill its contents on Canadian soil and pollute Canadian rivers, lakes and streams.

The citizens of Nebraska and the Rosebud Indian Reservation of South Dakota are being ignored in their fight to prevent the Keystone Pipeline from being built.

It is time we all wake up and understand why this pipeline is so dangerous. It will be three or more feet in diameter and the sides will be less than one-half inch thick. It will be welded together in sections that are the length of railroad cars. I have heard these sections are made of China steel which is weaker than U.S. steel. The pipe will travel up and down through many hills and valleys and across or under many rivers and streams before it reaches the refineries in Texas.

The pipe will need to be pumped full of oil all the way from Montana to Texas, 1,500 miles, before it can be put into operation. How many tons per mile will this pipe full of oil weigh? How much pressure will be required to force that oil that distance through a pipe that isn’t straight by any stretch of the imagination?

Try imagining this pipeline crossing into Minnesota at Thief River Falls, Mahnomen, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Alexandria and through Kandiyohi County, past Willmar, then on to Redwood Falls, Windom and on though Iowa. We would be fighting to prevent it.

With the excuse they are creating new jobs, our leaders are about to pass legislation approving this pipeline. I fear the only way it can be stopped is if the president vetoes the bill. The president won’t do that unless enough of us speak out against it. So, please write to the president and your legislators.

Warren Crackel