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Letter: Stop obstructing health reform

Because they claim they were locked out of the decision-making process for the present universal health care bill now before Congress, Republicans are demanding that it be totally scrapped and that both houses of Congress start all over again.

Just what have they been doing themselves all this time except carp and complain and do everything possible to scuttle the plan? Why have they not been working independently then and be ready now with a perfect plan of their own that will address all of the problems that they find so offensive with that of the Democrats?

Start all over again? That is what Congress has been doing for over a decade with no results to show for it! At long last, when we are finally arriving at solutions that will save millions of Americans from bankruptcy because of catastrophic hospital bills, Republicans apparently would like to have churches alone rush to the rescue of families, thousands of dollars in debt, with a spaghetti dinner fundraiser that shows scant sympathy for those in such dire straits and little else. This is totally reprehensible and appalling in every respect.

Practically all of the Republican objections to the present bill before the Senate relate to their protection of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies that are responsible for the jeopardy that strapped Americans are facing every day. With no concern for the common good and their pockets stuffed with money from these two sources, they choose only to whine and obstruct, filibuster and drag their feet and demand that once again we return to square one! Basta!

Lee Paulson