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Letter: Stop voter fraud

Certain people get desperate when they think they are going to lose. They make up half-truths and tell lies. They substitute their reality for the truth. The voter ID amendment is getting saturated with falsehoods now before the election.

Whether it's Joan Growe, former Secretary of State, or local residents, the lies extend like Pinocchio's nose.

Voter ID in Minnesota is to stop voter fraud. Over 6,000 same-day registrant votes cast in 2010 couldn't be verified. I don't care why Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas or Wisconsin decided to initiate identification procedures in voting. The Pennsylvania court ruling Oct. 3 did not rule against the voter ID law. The court stated it would not be enforced this election.

Frankly, since the U.S. Supreme Court in 2002 stated voter identification is constitutional, if the states provide it for free when voters cannot pay the fee to obtain it, any challenge to voter ID seems nonsensical. If the ID is provided free, then requiring identification is not a poll tax to stop students, military, elderly and physically disabled from voting.

Vote yes on the voter ID amendment.

Bonnie L. Kleman

New London