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Letter: Strange doings in Willmar

Being I do not get the Willmar “scandal sheet,” I sometimes go online to catch up on the current issues and views in Willmar. I like to watch the City Council meetings and compare notes with how the West Central Tribune interpreted the agenda of the meeting.

First of all, I would like to say that my heart goes out to every 12-year-old out there waiting to get their firearms certificate so they can go hunting with their father or friends that can’t, being the gun range has been closed down with no good reason given. The many people that this issue has affected is very sad. If it was to affect city or county workers, I’m sure things would be totally different.

How about those wind generators? What’s up with them? The Municipal Utilities Commission has blown smoke and deceived us the whole time since they came to be. I feel that someone should lose their job for the money spent and deception of those generators. A senior citizen from Kerkhoven once told me, “I can produce more electricity with a good pair of wool socks on a carpeted floor in the winter.” Good one, enough said.

What’s with Steve Gardner saying what he does? Someone asked me the other day if he has an agenda to get back at everyone responsible for his unseating, I feel that he does. As to the remarks towards Councilman Ron Christianson, give them a rest. There are some good people that live in Westwind, but, please check the facts before saying too much on issues! Westwind is here to stay, so let’s hope it will be what you say (not a ghetto).

Bob Skor