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Letter: A study that isn't needed

As I understand it, the state has given $55,000 to "study" the reason that businesses and industries are having such a hard time setting up here in Minnesota.


There is no need to study from my perspective. The main problem is in three parts.

First: DEED, the people that are supposed to help the industries set up, does everything possible to keep them from setting up, particularly if said industry doesn't meet their idea of what type and where the industry and business is supposed to be. And if they don't give you a response to your request for funding, they do everything in their power to laugh at the person. They did that to me.

Next, the SBA, Prairieland Development, laughed at me. I have them on tape on my answering machine.

MBFC lied to me, first stating that I wanted more than their guidelines of $250,000 for a 504 loan and then stating to me that I didn't want enough for a 504.

The SBA says that I am too big by employing 700 workers, women and paying $30 an hour for a 40-hour week.

Also that $30 million is too big. And the SBA hasn't changed its criteria for what is small. In today's world, after Jimmy Carter's 20 percent inflation, $30 million is the same as borrowing $500,000 back in the 1950s.

One does not need to "study" this problem. Just get the money into our pockets and stand back and let us know what we can do.

Stephen Pfeffer