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Letter: Support the anti-bullying bill

Bullying has always been with us in the schools. The result of bullying can have a lasting effect on a student.

It is time for specific actions to be taken to address this problem. A bill for a law (HF 826) is likely to be passed by the Minnesota Legislature to become law effective July 1. It is an anti-bullying bill that will provide a rather concrete effort and prescriptive effort to identify and to hopefully prevent bullying in our schools. It is a bill that any responsible citizen would want for our children.

If the bill passes, it will require time and effort on the part of school personnel, students and parents to adhere to the proposed law. It is worth that time and effort.

Community school districts have been remiss in not addressing this social ill more aggressively. Now is the time to act. Please contact your legislative representative and encourage them to support this bill.

Richard A. Larson