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Letter: Surveillance vs. deregulation


  Big government is frequently berated by conservatives as guilty of reckless spending, but all projects are the result of public demand or they would never be instituted by either party in our legislatures in the first place.


 The problem always lies with surveillance. After passing a bill into law, it is assumed that administration takes care of itself, completely overlooking the unscrupulous public employees charged with promoting a project that should serve the common good instead of being pocketed by greedy individuals of all stripes, who are in politics for the sole purpose of graft.


 Therefore, whether aid is given to foreign nations suffering from some domestic or natural disasters, it is not enough simply to provide the money, but to maintain a close surveillance to make certain that self-serving dictators or lesser public servants do not siphon off huge amounts of money for their personal use and aggrandizement. So it is only too obvious that the solution to the problems of big government is simply a careful surveillance of how all monies are spent after the enactment of a particular bill.


 As a result, however, of a lack of watchdogs over public funds, conservatives as a solution advocate turning all government services over to the private sector where there is no such checkout of any kind if the government does not provide it. We are at the complete mercy of big business interests where profits are the primary concern, not the plight of the consumer. In every instance this is true.


 If Obamacare is scuttled and universal health care assigned only to private insurance companies and big business interests ruled simply by the marketplace, we are indeed undone. Think about it, and realize that big government joined with careful surveillance is the only route to . 

Lee Paulson