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Letter: Take action against torture

As evidence continues to surface about torture and other human rights abuses that occurred under the previous administration, it becomes increasingly clear that we must take action to deter such abuses of power in the future. There must be a thorough and comprehensive investigation that provides the American public a full account of what was done to detainees in the guise of national security.

Congress and the administration need to work together to create an independent, non-partisan commission that has the resources and subpoena power behind it to ensure any transgressors, regardless of status, be brought to justice. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder may appoint a special prosecutor to investigate said abuses, a decision which Amnesty International supports. I urge Congressman Collin Peterson also to show support for such an appointment. It is unacceptable for a country which presses other governments toward accountability and transparency to allow its own human rights abuses to go unpunished.

To correct previous policies and prevent future mistakes, we must first know what happened, how it happened and that the system has been repaired. It's time the United States lived up to its own principles.

Steve Marquardt

Amnesty International USA Legislative Coordinator for Minnesota

Lake Lillian