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Letter: Take care of your garbage

I think there are some people in today's world that need to take a little better care of the earth. I'm talking about littering out of cars. It seems there is constantly trash in the ditches and the majority of it is from people throwing it out of their car window.

I just think there are some things that we can do to reduce the amount of littering going on. Like if you are going on a trip and you know you'll probably have lots of garbage, just put a plastic bag or two in your car. Then when you get home or stop at a gas station you can throw it away.

If you are just going from one place to another, hold on to the garbage and throw it away later. If it's a banana peel or something a bird or animal can easily eat it doesn't bother me as much because something can actually eat that. When it comes to paper, plastic, or cans I just think we can all pitch in a little to help reduce the amount of littering going on by throwing the stuff away at a later place.

Steven Jungers

Lake Lillian