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Letter: Teachers deserve our support

Public school systems across the state and nation face ongoing examination from a number of sources. A variety of experts and government leaders willingly suggest all kinds of ways to strengthen the American education system.

One suggested method to strengthen schools is by showing respect and support for teachers. Public school teachers in the Willmar Public School District and in each district across the state do an outstanding job teaching America’s most precious commodity — our children.

Teachers, in many instances, are taken for granted while performing daily miracles in their classrooms. They regularly shoulder major responsibilities and many willingly accept additional tasks because it is in the best interests of students.

As a nation our citizens are considered well-educated and for that we have teachers to thank. Our country’s educational system can be enhanced by letting teachers know how much their contribution to America’s success is valued. We should search for ways to support them and their efforts to grow as schools change to meet the needs of their communities.

May 7 has been set aside as National Teacher Day to focus attention on the many outstanding educators whose work deserves applause. Let’s contribute to the efforts of improving our schools and reinforcing educational quality in our community. Let’s recognize teachers for the significant role they play in our lives and in the well-being of our nation.

Please take time to say “thanks” to the teachers of our community.

Dr. Jerry Kjergaard, Superintendent

Willmar Public Schools