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Letter: Term limits are needed

There are many clear differences this year between the candidates running for the House of Representatives in District 13B. Just one of those differences is where the two candidates stand on term limits. Bruce Vogel, a local businessman and family man, firmly believes in term limits. Bruce believes our Founding Fathers did not intend for public servants to become career politicians, and that the longer one stays in St. Paul, the more unattached they become from the people they are supposed to be serving. Al Juhnke, on the other hand, a career politician who has served for 14 years now, has stated that there is no need for term limits. This year, he actually voted no on a point of order to let an amendment even be heard that would have ended the use of taxpayer dollars for legislative pensions!

As we read the newspaper or watch the news, we see all the things going on in St. Paul that are contrary to what the citizens of Kandiyohi County believe and work for. Lately, it doesn't seem that it matters what the citizens want. In fact, the current majority has adopted the attitude that as legislators, they are the boss and we the citizens are the servants!

Suddenly, the folks in St. Paul are going to tell us how best to live our lives, spend our money and run our businesses? People are tired of the hypocrisy in government. The career politicians have long forgotten that they are the servants and we the citizens are the boss. It's time for a real representative like Bruce Vogel, who has pledged to introduce term limits legislation and serve no more than eight years. It's time to retire a career politician, Al Juhnke, and give Bruce Vogel a chance to bring a fresh perspective and common-sense ideas back to St. Paul.

Carey Schlecht