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Letter: Thanks to a special teacher

We wish to use this public forum to acknowledge and thank a person who has been a significant part of our lives this past year. Her name is Kathy Schrantz and she has been our son Quinn's first-grade teacher this year.

We have had the great fortune of having many wonderful teachers at Jefferson Elementary for all three of our children, but this June Kathy Schrantz will graduate her last class -- she is retiring. We are not sure how many years or how many different grade levels she has taught here, but what we are sure of is the many, many hours beyond each school day she has put in on behalf of her students. You will find her at Jefferson on many weekends, and late after school most every day. She has put in extra hours to ensure each student -- no matter his or her capabilities -- is provided experiences to excel in learning. We have quietly watched this happen every day this school year and want her to know it has not gone unnoticed.

We will miss her as Quinn moves on to a new classroom and new teacher. In truthfulness, we have missed each teacher our kids have had and would have gladly hung onto them for years to come. But for Quinn, school is not easy and his teacher has a challenging job. He has special needs that require more attention and more creativity to help him learn. He needs a teacher who believes every child can learn. This year Kathy has given Quinn all of that and much more. She has done numerous extras for him throughout the year, and we are even more grateful. I think she will tell you, as she has us, that she has received a great deal in return from Quinn as she has every other student and every other class she has spent so many days with.

We respect her expertise, her generosity of time, her kindness, her sense of humor, and the dedication she has provided so many families in this community. Thank you so much, Kathy, we greatly appreciate all you have done for Quinn and for us.