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Letter: A theft that truly hurt

My son is profoundly mentally handicapped and lives in a group home in Willmar. He is 37.

When he was 5, my husband and I purchased a two-seater bike for him. It is the only kind of bike he can ride as he is unable to pedal or steer. It has two seats side by side, one wheel in front and two wheels in back. It is painted orange.

Sometime over this past weekend it was stolen from the yard of his group home. It is a very unique bike and is irreplaceable as far as I know. Similar bikes have been available from a place in Texas, but they cost more than $1,500.

I am hoping that someone will spot his bike and return it to him. His life is so limited by his disability, and this was one way for him to get out. This theft takes away yet another of his limited freedoms.

Margaret Gort