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Letter: Those horrible train whistles

Too bad the city of Willmar does not care about its residents like countless other communities do when it comes to the horrible train whistles we have to endure.

Several other communities have made whistle-free zones. The horrific blaring of the whistles in the last few weeks has been possibly the worst it has ever been. Unreal.

All day and night, no breaks. It is embarrassing to have company, having to listen to that awful non-stop noise. Have overnight guests? Yeah, right. What a life we live, being controlled by that horrible blaring.

I live 10 blocks from the nearest train crossing. Hundreds of people, maybe thousands, live closer. I feel sorry for them. Countless people who live closer, and even further away than me say they cannot even enjoy having the windows open in summer.

What a shame that Willmar residents have to put up with this horror of the train whistles.

Rick Schmidt